About us

National Emergency Management Office’s (NEMO) vision is to have a Safer and more resilient community to the effects of natural hazards and climate change induced events.

NEMO’s mission is to build the capacity of the Tongan community by developing and implementing appropriate and effective disaster risk management policies, planning and program to address current and emerging threats from disasters.

NEMO values:

  • Putting the community first
  • A safer community for all
  • Sustainable disaster preparedness and disaster response program
  • Teamwork
  • Respecting and valuing each other contributions
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Accountable and transparent “modus operandi

 NEMO’s primary function is to coordinate disaster risk reduction and emergency management activities in the Kingdom.

NEMO is responsible for coordinating plans, policies and programs relating to emergency relief and response and disaster management (including disaster risk reduction activities) at the village, district, island group and national level.

NEMO coordinates:

  • Emergency preparedness – planning, training, exercises at national, district and village levels
  • Emergency response (national & international partners including civil and military coordination) – assessment, planning, communication, logistics, humanitarian relief
  • Cluster activities throughout the Disaster Management Cycle.
  • Public Awareness Programme (TRCS & NGOs)– radio/TV programs; communities & schools’ consultations; public presentations (schools, communities, churches, women’s groups); primary schools quiz competitions